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Jenn Lymburner | Personal Training & Bodyweight Strength Coach

Meet Jenn Lymburner, Founder & Head Coach of J2N Fitness

  • GMB Fitness Trainer
  • Animal Flow L2 Instructor
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • Strongnastics Co-Owner

I was a competitive athlete for the majority of my life, competing at a high level in gymnastics, power tumbling, cheerleading, CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. I have always loved the challenge of pushing my body and seeing what it is capable of.

However, over the years, I have recognized the toll that it has taken on my body with injuries that have prevented me from doing many of the activities I love. Now, I focus on healing and strengthening using specific bodyweight training tools and mindful movement to ensure my body is healthy and resilient for the long-term. I focus on deep health and fuelling my body using mindful, intuitive eating practices. And I teach others to do the same.

I have been coaching for over 10 years and have an unwavering passion for helping others succeed as they push towards their health and fitness goals. I look forward to many more years of learning as a fitness professional and sharing this passion with my local communities.

Ready to ditch all-or-nothing thinking around food and fitness? Eager to learn simple, sustainable ways to move and eat with more freedom and confidence?

J2N’s Foundations First is a 12-week online course that teaches foundational nutrition, training and lifestyle skills to help you look, move and feel your best for years to come. #foundationsfirst #foundationsalways

Weekly training focused on improving your body’s strength, flexibility and control using skills such as the squat and single leg squats, push up, pull up/chin up, hollow holds, l-sits and more.

Learn eating skills and develop healthy lifestyle habits designed to help you reach your goals in a simple and sustainable way (and without saying ‘no’ to all of your favourite foods!).

Ongoing coaching support. Get access to weekly coaching check-in calls via Zoom, a member-only community group, email support and video review.

Lifetime access to the program content! Go back anytime after the program is done to revisit training sessions, lessons and practices.

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