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Move with more freedom, less pain

Eat with more freedom, less stress

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Jenn Lymburner | Personal Training & Bodyweight Strength Coach

I’m Jenn Lymburner, Founder & Head Coach of J2N Fitness

My goal is simple: Help active adults move better and feel more confident in their bodies in a way that’s simple and sustainable.

I know how stressful strict dieting can be. I know the toll over-training can take on our bodies (hello injuries!). I’ve been there. So instead of more restrictive diets or adding more time consuming training to your already busy life, I will help you build skills that give you the freedom to do what you love and feel your best not only now, but for years to come.

I look forward to connecting!

  • GMB Fitness Trainer
  • Animal Flow L2 Instructor
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • Strongnastics Co-Owner

Feeling healthy and fit doesn’t need to mean hours at the gym or restrictive dieting.

Discover J2N’s Foundations First (12-week course), where you’ll learn important foundational training, nutrition and lifestyle skills to help you look, move and feel your best in a way that’s simple and sustainable for long-term success.

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Ready to move with more freedom, less pain?
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