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Move with more freedom, less pain

Eat with more freedom, less restrictions

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Jenn Lymburner | Personal Training & Bodyweight Strength Coach

I’m Jenn Lymburner, Mindful Movement & Nutrition Coach, and Founder of J2N Fitness.

I’m passionate about teaching mindful movement and nutrition to everyday athletes eager to move with more freedom (and less pain) and eat with more freedom (and less restrictions).

Discover how you can support your body and continue to do your favourite activities for years to come – without adding more rigid diets or more high volume training onto your already busy plate. 

I look forward to connecting!

  • GMB Fitness Trainer
  • Animal Flow L2 Instructor
  • Precision Nutrition L1
  • Strongnastics Co-Owner

Being healthy and fit doesn’t need to mean more hours at the gym or restrictive dieting.

J2N’s Foundations First (12-week course) teaches foundational fitness, nutrition and lifestyle skills centred around sustainability As you go through this course, you’ll discover how listening to your body can support pain-free movement and guilt-free eating, and build freedom in your body you may have never knew was possible! 

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Ready to move with more freedom, less pain?
Eager to eat with more freedom, less restrictions?

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