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Mindful Movement & Nutrition for the Everyday Athlete

J2N’s Foundations First

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Build the Freedom in your Body you Deserve.

Do you feel like you’re constantly dealing with nagging aches and pains, or that you’re starting to plateau in the gym because movement is limited? 

Are you tired of trying diet after diet and constantly feeling stressed and guilty around certain foods?

Are you ready to find a better balance when it comes to supporting your health and fitness so that you can keep doing your favourite activities and feel your best for years to come?

I’ve been where you are and understand your frustration. It can be hard putting in the work only to feel like you’re always “on the wagon, off the wagon” with nutrition, or taking steps back from training due to injuries.

Through my own fitness journey and experiences (and now supporting clients, too!), I’ve discovered that there are better, simpler, more sustainable ways to support your body in looking, moving and feeling its best…

Ways that do not require adding more and more to your plate, or requiring eliminating all of your favourite foods.

In J2N’s Foundations First, you’ll discover how learning to slow down and pay attention to your body’s needs, paired with dialling in on important foundational fitness, nutrition and lifestyle skills creates freedom in your body (and your active life) you haven’t had before.

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Hear from program participants…

Here’s what’s included in J2N’s Foundations First

Weekly workouts focused on building foundational strength, flexibility and body control

Have fun as you explore bodyweight-only skills like chin ups/pull ups, squat/single leg squat variations, l-sits, push ups, locomotion movements and more with options for ALL levels.

As you work on mindful movement and improving the area(s) of your body that need it most, you open the doors to building physical freedom and the ability to do activities (both inside and outside of the gym) with more ease and confidence!

(Advanced / customized programming options exist)

Weekly nutrition & lifestyle practices focused on building sustainable habits

Learn skills and develop habits designed to work with your lifestyle. Expect to see focus on areas like sleep and stress management, slow and mindful eating, and simplifying how you approach fuelling your body so that you don’t need to constantly feel stressed about “good foods” and “bad foods”.


Ditch all-or-nothing thinking around food and walk away with a deep health approach to supporting your body long-term. 

Ongoing coaching support & guidance for the 12-weeks

You’re never going through this program alone. I’m here from start to finish, with varying levels of coaching support depending on what program option you choose. 

All programs include weekly training video review and messaging support. Other options may include bi-weekly coaching calls and ongoing voice messaging support.

Ready to discuss if Foundations First is a fit for you? 

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