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Discover The Physical Freedom Formula

Reduce pain, increase energy, and gain confidence in your body so that you can not only get back to doing the activity and adventures you love, but know you can KEEP doing them for years to come.

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Have you spent most of your life working hard on your fitness or staying active, but now find yourself frustrated by never-ending injuries that hold you back from working out or adventuring how you’d like?

Perhaps you find yourself bouncing between being “perfect” with nutrition, only to then lose control and go all out, leaving you stuck re-gaining the wight over and over again? 

Maybe there’s a new activity you’d like to try or a trip you’d like to book, but you feel limited by mobility, strength or even weight?

Introducing The Physical Freedom Formula, a transformative 12-week journey tailored for active, adventurous adults like yourself. This isn’t your regular old fitness routine or diet; it’s a holistic approach grounded in sustainability. Our goal is to help you build physical freedom and confidence in your body, foster self-trust, and build the resiliency necessary to support you throughout your lifelong health and fitness journey.

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Hear from program participants…

What is physical freedom?

Physical freedom means something different from person to person. Typically we say it looks like:

Freedom to do your favourite activities without constant injuries 

Freedom to move your body without restrictions (i.e limited mobility) holding you back from living your active life to its fullest

Freedom to eat foods you love without constant stress or guilt 

Freedom to show up with energy and confidence in your body and celebrate all that its capable of

…Really, it’s about having trust and confidence in yourself and your body to do that things in your life that matter most! That’s what physical freedom is all about.

Here’s what’s to expect:

Tailored Training

Enjoy workouts designed specifically for your body’s unique needs, promoting resilience and physical freedom through intentional movement and skills development with a focus on areas like strength, mobility and control. Workouts are catered to your goals, injuries or limitations, schedule, equipment and sports or activities of choice. (We’ve worked with many CrossFitters, weightlifters, runners, skiers, snowboarders, yogis, hikers, and more. It’s important to us that you can still do the things you love!)

Sustainable Lifestyle Shifts

Say goodbye to extreme diets and all-or-nothing thinking that often comes with a lifetime of competition and rigid programs. Our holistic approach encompasses a focus on balanced living, integrating mindful eating and deep health for long-term well-being. Expect to see daily health/nutrition habit work guided by YOUR current values and preferences. 

Expert Guidance

Navigate your sustainable health and fitness journey with personalized coaching and support. Our coaching team is here to support you each step of the way, with ongoing messaging options, video review and feedback, and Zoom calls. Unlike other Coaches you’ve worked with, in our program, we become a team. You are part of the decision-making process and together we’ll make sure you’re set up to thrive.

Meet Coach Jenn Lymburner
Founder, J2N Fitness

Transitioning from a competitive athlete training for sport (and to win) to an everyday athlete training for life and life’s adventures was actually a tough shift for me.

I began my athletic journey at 3 years old, progressing through competitive gymnastics, becoming a National Level Power Tumbler (Team Canada), securing a university scholarship as a cheerleader, competing as a Regional Level CrossFit athlete, and reaching National Level in Olympic Weightlifting.

I loved the push, but eventually, my body (and mind) signalled that I couldn’t sustain it anymore.

Major injuries became the norm, and I felt trapped in a cycle of ongoing rehab.

Stress around food was a constant, often leading to binge-eating if I wasn’t being ‘perfect’ with my diet.

Recognizing the need for change came after a final back injury and a strict diet that had me restricting my favourite foods; that’s when I said ‘enough is enough.’

Embarking on numerous programs and courses brought me to where I am now. I am more confident in my body than ever because I trust myself. The pressure to sign up for events or competitions has lifted—I’ve learned to enjoy the process and train with LIFE in mind (the things I want to be able to do long-term, like go on cool hikes and back country camping trips, for example). Because of it, I’m not constantly injured!

That’s why I’m passionate about helping my clients achieve the same. Balance and sustainability are possible while leading a healthy, active, adventurous lifestyle – and ultimately working towards physical freedom. 

I look forward to connecting with you on a call and discussing how I can help!

Ready to start your journey to physical freedom and body confidence?

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