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Stuck in the injury/rehab cycle?
Feel like your nutrition plan is too restrictive?

Join me for my 3-part webinar mini series “How to Become a Mindful Everyday Athlete” and discover how to create sustainability in your health and fitness routine:

Discover how listening to your body can help you:

Create movement freedom and ease (and less nagging pain or ongoing injuries) so that you can show up better for your favourite activities and sports.

Build a healthy, sustainable relationship with food and fitness so that you can ditch rigid food rules and that all-or-nothing mindset for good.

Gain confidence in how your body looks and feels in a way that actually reflects the effort you put into your health and fitness.

….And discover how to do that WITHOUT needing to add MORE training or more restrictive diets to your already busy plate. 

Here’s a peek at the main topics covered over the three sessions
(Watch the recordings anytime that fit your schedule!)

Part 1: Mindful Movement & Fitness

We will explore why adding more training or more intensity into your training routine may actually be limiting you from the progress you’re after. Plus, learn strategies for bringing more mindfulness into your movement practice to better support your body and reduce nagging pains and injuries.

Part 2: Mindful Eating

Learn to listen to your hunger cues and build foundational eating skills often neglected in mainstream diets and strict nutrition plans. Walk away with a better understanding of how mindful eating can provide the freedom and confidence around food (and in your body) you’ve been looking for!

Part 3: Mindful Living

Discover what a “deep health” approach to supporting your active lifestyle looks like by bringing awareness to what you actually need to thrive. For example, neglecting rest and recovery or ignoring high levels of stress may be more detrimental to your body than you think!

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My name is Jenn Lymburner, Founder of J2N Fitness and Co-Owner of Strongnastics.

I’ve been where you are… Frustrated that despite my best efforts in the gym and on my nutrition, I never truly felt confident in my body. I struggled with all-or-nothing thinking (which meant lots of stress around food), and my body was constantly dealing with nagging aches and injuries that kept halting my progress.

As an everyday athlete myself having grown up always doing sports and going to the gym, I know how hard it can be to slow down and pay attention to your body’s needs.

But learning to be more mindful when it comes to supporting my body and my health has absolutely changed how I feel, and has allowed me to continue pursuing my active lifestyle without constant fear of injuries or guilt around certain foods. The strategies I share in this webinar series have not only transformed my own health, but have helped so many of my clients as well. I certainly hope they can help you do the same!

Feel free to connect with me online where I share more tips and advice, and make sure to sign up for the webinar series above.