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Do you find food stressful? Are you bouncing between eating “perfectly” or losing control and going all out?

J2N’s FREE 4 Habits of Mindful Eating Guide provides valuable insight and tips on how mindful eating can help you improve your relationship with food and gain the confidence in your body that you deserve. 

Why does mindful eating matter?

Mindful eating has a range of incredible benefits:

Reduced gas and bloating after meals
Reduced over-eating
Reduced stress-eating and anxiety
Improved digestion
Improved self-control around foods
Improved nutritional intake
Improved weight loss results

Mindfulness around food can benefit everyone, regardless of whether you’re interested in stepping back from more strict tracking approaches or not.

Meet Coach Jenn Lymburner, Owner of J2N Fitness & Co-Owner of Strongnastics.

With over a decade of coaching experience, Jenn is on a mission to empower everyday athletes like you in achieving balance, sustainability, and autonomy in their health and fitness routines.

Having overcome her own challenges with all-or-nothing thinking and lack of trust and control around food, she understands the toll it can take on your body and overall self-confidence. Her journey led her to a more sustainable approach, and she’s eager to share that wisdom with you after experiencing the positive impact on her life (and now many of her clients, too)

Jenn’s experience and expertise offers a distinctive approach, combining deep health, mindfulness training, and skills/habit development to redefine your relationship with food.

In this guide, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into mindfulness as it relates to nutrition. Please don’t hesitate to reach out in the future if you’d like to learn more.

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