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Spend your day sitting at a desk and feel like your posture is suffering because of it?
Eager to improve shoulder mobility to support you in walking a bit ‘taller’ or moving better in the gym?

Check out my guide “3 Movements to Improve Posture and Strengthen Shoulders in Just 5-Minutes a Day” by signing up below:

Improving how your body moves and feels doesn’t need to be super complicated or time consuming.

Discover how with even 5 minutes a day and with limited (or even no) equipment you can start improving your flexibility and mobility, and ultimately help you start moving with more freedom, confidence and ease.

My name is Jenn Lymburner, Founder of J2N Fitness and Co-Owner of Strongnastics.

As someone who’s spent most of my life in sports and athletics, and now also spends hours a day on my computer, I can feel the toll that sitting so much has taken on my body. 

And having worked through multiple back and shoulder injuries, I finally realized that in order to better support my body, I needed to stop ignoring weaknesses and place more focus on movement foundations – things I had been neglecting in place of the fun “big” skills or lifts.

I now focus on creating and maintaining a well-rounded body, which means incorporating strength, flexibility and mobility, AND motor control exercises regularly in my routine, and it’s absolutely changed how my body feels both in and out of the gym… Less nagging pains… Not on the regular “injury/rehab” cycle… more aware of what my body needs on a day-to-day basis.

It’s why I’m so passionate about helping my clients, everyday athletes 35+, create movement freedom in their bodies, too.

Feel free to connect with me online where I share more tips and advice, and make sure to sign up below to get some of my favourite SIMPLE drills for combatting hours of sitting and helping you move with more freedom and ease.

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