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Discover fun and sustainable ways to

Move with more freedom & ease

At J2N, we focus on mindful movement and skills development to help you build a resilient, pain-free body that will support you to do the activities you love not only now, but for the rest of your life.

Your body is beyond capable, and sometimes it just means addressing the areas (i.e. strength, flexibility or body control) your body needs most to really help it thrive! 

J2N’s Resilient Body Blueprint

J2N’s Resilient Body Blueprint is a transformative 16-week journey designed for lifelong fitness enthusiasts and ex-competitive athletes like yourself. This isn’t your typical fitness routine or diet; it’s a holistic approach grounded in sustainability. Our aim is to help you build confidence in your body, nurture self-trust, and cultivate the resilience needed to reduce nagging pains and injuries throughout your lifelong health and fitness journey.

What’s included? Receive a personalized training program with video review, coupled with additional nutrition and lifestyle support focused on helping you look, move, and feel your best in a way that helps you thrive for years to come. 

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Not quite ready for a fully customized experience?
We offer a few options:

Animal Flow

Struggling to improve areas like mobility and flexibility? Maybe you know you should spend more time on certain areas, but find it too boring to commit to? We’ve got you covered. J2N’s 6-week Animal Flow courses provide a fun, effective way to improve how your body moves. Learn more.

Interested in learning Animal Flow in a private or semi-private online session? J2N runs 4-week beginner flow programs for Gym Owners and their members, or grab some gym buddies and organize a session!

Intro to Locomotion - General Toronto Area

The Locomotion Collection

Interested in learning more about how to structure your workouts in a way that supports pain-free or restriction-free movement? The Locomotion Collection includes a 60-minute follow-along movement workshop, plus an entire library of locomotion tutorials and flows.

Discover convenient, fun and effective ways to improve mobility (because we know that side of training is easy to neglect otherwise!) Learn more

Skills Development

Want to dial in on a specific bodyweight skill (i.e. handstand, muscle up, single leg squat)? J2N + Strongnastics offer the following skills development options:

Skills Review Sessions: We review videos of a skill you’re working on, then we jump on a Zoom session with you to provide coaching feedback. Plus, get a one-week sample custom program based on your goals.

8-Week Skills Courses: Get a structured program with video review and coaching support, specific to one bodyweight skill. This allows you the chance to really dial in on the necessary strength, flexibility and control to see improvement. Reach out to learn about what skills options are available.

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