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At J2N, we focus on mindful movement and bodyweight skills development to help you build a resilient, pain-free body that will support you to do the activities you love not only now, but for the rest of your life.

Your body is beyond capable, and sometimes it just means addressing the area(s) your body needs most to really help it thrive! J2N offers the following coaching services to support you:

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J2N’s Foundations First

J2N’s Foundations First teaches everyday athletes how to listen to and support their body through development of foundational fitness, nutrition and lifestyle skills. Customized / advanced program options are also available. Learn more

Customized Training Plan

Working on a specific skill? Rehabbing an injury and need some extra support? Busy with work or travel and need workouts that work with your schedule? A customized training program is a great opportunity to get a week-to-week plan tailor-made to your schedule, equipment/space, limitations and goals. Get coaching support via messaging and video review.

Skills Courses

Eager to dial in on a specific skill you’ve been after? J2N offers a range of self-guided online accessory programs that will help you tackle your skills goal. Currently available: Foundations First: Strength & Mobility, Single Leg Squats, Handstand Free-Balance, Handstand Foundations, Handstand Walking

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