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Weekly Movement Class (Toronto)

Unbreakable Bodies


It’s time to step outside of your training comfort zone, have some fun, and challenge your body in new ways!

This 60-minute class led by Jenn Lymburner helps participants develop bodyweight strength, mobility and control through skills-focused training. Explore everything from locomotion and transitional movements (i.e. rolls), to more traditional gymnastics skills such as handstands, pull-ups and muscle-ups. Each month will explore a different theme.

  • Tuesdays @ 11:00am OR Thursdays @ 7:45pm
  • Location: Breaker Strength (B-1919 Leslie St. Toronto)
  • Drop-in: $25.00
  • Monthly: $70.00 (Includes bonus programming + private FB group)
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The goal of this class is to help build strong, mobile, resilient bodies so that you DO have the freedom to participant in whatever other activities you like. Think of it like an extra fun accessory building class. It does not mean it will be easy, but it is meant to support other areas of your life, not take away from them.

If you attend a CrossFit gym, for example, improving range of motion in areas like your hips and shoulders will help you improve positions in movements like the overhead squat. Plus, you can take some new-found confidence and strength in skills like pull ups, handstands and muscle ups and start crushing those WODs even more than you already do.

Everyone starts somewhere, and things like current mobility and fitness levels, previous athletic experience, injuries, etc, all impact how individuals move. When you look around the class, you will quickly realize no one person moves the same 🙂

I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and enjoy the process instead of worrying about how you look doing it. Ultimately, everyone is there to have some FUN and better their health and fitness.

If the membership is full (capped at 12), there will be waitlist spots available. Should someone cancel their membership, you will be contacted before any public postings are made.

Should you be interested in any coaching in the meantime (such as personal training sessions), please email

This class is open to all levels of fitness. There will always be different progressions and options provided to ensure that each participant gets the most out of the session, and of course, stays safe.

Should the Coach suggest something you are not comfortable with, you are encouraged to speak up as other modifications are always available!

You must choose between either a Tuesday daytime membership or a Thursday evening membership. Each membership is capped at 10 participants to provide a thorough and positive coaching experience.

Monthly memberships are provided at a discounted class rate for athletes who intend to come to this class weekly. 

Please note:

  • Monthly membership will always come out on the 1st of the month and charged to the credit card on file via Breaker Strength’s ZenPlanner. Should you begin after the 1st of the month, you will be provided with a prorated membership for the first month.
  • Should cancelation be required, you must email and cc’ a minimum of 3 days prior to the start of the new month.
  • Monthly members will receive access to optional weekly programming to complement class programming via SugarWod. Should membership be cancelled, access to the programming will no longer be provided.
  • Monthly memberships include bonus weekly programming, as well as access to a Private Unbreakable Bodies Facebook group for extra support from Coach Jenn. If membership is cancelled, this access will be removed.

A drop-in rate ($25) is provided for individuals who want to try out a class before committing to a monthly membership, or for those who cannot commit to coming weekly. 

Please note:

  • Drop-ins must register via the Breaker Strength ZenPlanner. Payment will be made on the credit card on file.
  • Drop-ins must reserve a spot in advance. If 12 memberships exist, there is a possibility that no drop-in spots are available. Use ZenPlanner or contact if you’re interested in dropping in.

Yes, all participants must sign up for a class spot in advance. Classes are capped at 12 to ensure a smaller coach-to-athlete ration, which menas spots are limited.

To sign up for class, make sure you have created a profile within the Breaker Strength Zenplanner (also available via the ZenPlanner app for easy access). Go to the Breaker Strength calendar and sign up using your login.

If you are an “Unbreakable Bodies” member, your membership will allow you access to reserve a spot.

If you are doing a drop-in, you will be prompted to pay the drop-in fee prior to reserving your class.

If you have any issues, please email and

You are encouraged to take what you learn in class and spend time practicing your skills outside of class. Homework (suggested programming) will be provided to those on montlhy memberships.

You may also purchase personal training packages or custom online programming with Coach Jenn Lymburner. Please contact for more details on those services.


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