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Jenn Lymburner | Personal Training & Bodyweight Strength Coach

Meet Jenn Lymburner, Owner & Head Coach of J2N Fitness

  • Strongnastics Co-Owner
  • GMB Fitness Trainer
  • Animal Flow L2 Instructor
  • Precision Nutrition L1

I was a competitive athlete for the majority of my life, competing at a high level in gymnastics, power tumbling, cheerleading, CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. I have always loved the challenge of pushing my body and seeing what it is capable of.

However, in recent years, I have recognized the toll that it has taken on my body with injuries that have prevented me from doing many of the activities I love. Today, I focus on healing and strengthening using more specific bodyweight training tools to ensure my body is healthy and resilient for the long-term. And I teach others to do the same.

I have been coaching for over 10 years and have an unwaivering passion for helping others succeed as they push towards their fitness goals. I look forward to many more years of learning as a fitness professional and sharing this passion with my local communities.

How can we work together?

J2N Fitness is a skills-focused training service. My goal is to help you improve your body’s strength, mobility, coordination, balance and more – with the aim to prepare you for whatever life throws at you and keep you moving injury-free long-term.

Regardless of the coaching service, it’s important to start with defining a goal (and figuring out your why behind your what!). Then we follow a simple yet effective process to make sure we reach that goal, together.



Once a goal is established, it’s important to have a starting point. We will look at current flexibility, strength and body control to determine which area(s) need the most time and attention, and how best to tackle the goal.



Now that we have a starting point, it’s time to focus in on the key elements that will lead you to success. For some, it might be more mobility work. For others, it might be strength. Everyone is different and training may look different for you because of it.



Take your new-found strength, control, mobility, condifence…. and see what you can do. It’s about setting you up for success for day-to-day life, activities with your kids, or whatever you want. Physical autonomy is a beautiful thing!

Let’s find a coaching option that works best for you!

In-Person & Remote Private Lessons
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In-Person & Remote Private Lessons

Working one-on-one allows for more coaching time and attention. If you’re looking for extra accountability and support in your training, this option is for you! (All remote sessions are done over Zoom video conferencing). In person training is offered in Pickering and North Toronto.

Online Classes & Programming
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Online Classes & Programming

Choose from pre-existing programs like Strength & Flow online movement classes, or get programming completely customized to your goals, abilities and equipment! Programming is provided in a user-friendly, easily accessible software. Plus, receive ongoing coaching support each week.

Online Nutrition Coaching
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Online Nutrition Coaching

Partnered with Precision Nutrition, this nutrition program is NOT about rules and restrictions. Instead, we will focus on developing sustainable, life-long habits that will positively impact how you look, feel and move. Get the full details on this program here.

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