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Discover new ways to train and

unlock your body’s full potential

It’s time to feel strong and confident in your body’s abilities! 

At J2N, I use fun, functional movement and bodyweight strength training to help you build a resilient body that will support you to do the activities you love not only now, but for the rest of your life.

As you work through any of J2N’s programs, you will expect to see an emphasis placed on developing your body’s strength, flexibility and motor control – all three of which are important building blocks to developing your resilient body, regardless of what fitness level you are or what skill you’re currently working towards.

So how does it work?

To make sure you’re getting exactly what your body needs to look, move and feel its best, I use the AAA framework below.



Once we determine what your goals are, it’s important to understand your starting point. We will look at current flexibility, strength and body control to determine which area(s) need the most time and attention.



Now that we know what needs the most attention, it’s time to focus in on the key elements that will lead you to success. For some, it might be more mobility work. For others, it might be strength. Everyone is different and training may look different for you because of it.



Take your new-found strength, flexibility and control… and see what you can do! As you build these areas, not only will you feel yourself progressing your skills, but you’ll also find yourself walking around on a day-to-day basis with more ease and more confidence. That’s what it’s all about – creating physical freedom 🙂

Whether you’re ready to get your first pull up, eager to master your handstand, or simply want to start feeling better in your body and how it moves, J2N has options for you.

The Total Body Mastery Method
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The Total Body Mastery Method

This 12-week online program teaches essential foundations for bodyweight strength, flexibility and nutrition. It’s designed to have you feeling more confident in how your body looks, feels and performs not only in the gym, but on a day-to-day basis. If you’re ready to ditch the ‘all-or-nothing’ mindset around nutrition and training, and learn to support your body for the long-term, this is for you.

Custom Online Programming
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Custom Online Programming

Get programming completely customized to your goals, abilities and equipment (totally at-home friendly if needed). Programming is provided in a user-friendly, easily accessible software with demo videos and clear coaching notes. On top of ongoing weekly messaging support, you may opt for monthly check-in calls or remote private lessons as well.

On-Demand Guided Classes
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On-Demand Guided Classes

J2N’s on-demand classes are a great, affordable option if you’re looking for guidance classes that are easily accessible from the comfort of your own home. Ranging from stretching and locomotion, to strength and Animal Flow, these classes are great for your days off or days when you’re just eager to slow down.

Looking for in-person support?

J2N offers private lessons weekly in Pickering, ON and on Tuesdays in North Toronto, ON. Get in touch for availability and pricing.

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