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28-Day Habit Challenge

Intuitive Eating

Join us starting Oct 17!

You’ve done the latest fad diets.
You’ve done strict weighing and tracking.

Yet despite your best efforts, you feel like you’re in a perpetual cycle of ‘on-the-wagon’ and ‘off-the-wagon’ when it comes to nutrition.

It’s not your fault.

When you follow a strict plan, it teaches you how to follow a strict plan. This can be super helpful for learning about macronutrients specific to your goals, and can certainly help with quick or specific results (i.e a race, a fitness competition, a wedding)

But what happens when that plan or diet is over, or when you’re unable to (or simply don’t want to) weigh or track your intake?

What many strict plans or fad diets fail to address is the psychology behind our food choices… things like HOW and WHY we eat…

…Eating skills that allow you to continue to work on your health goals long-term, without saying no to your favourite foods or feeling stressed around making ‘bad’ choices.

I understand the frustration. Because that was me, too…

I’d try to eat as “perfectly” as I could, following whatever diet I was on… but when I wasn’t following the plan to a T, I’d lose control and go all out (especially on weekends).

I thought I was doing everything I needed to be “healthy” and “fit”, yet never truly felt confident in my body or how to make consistent choices to support my goals. 

I’ve since learned how valuable intuitive eating skills are. They provide a deeper understanding of your own hunger cues, and increase awareness around your choices.

They can help you remove feelings of guilt or remorse when eating something you enjoy – because there’s really no such thing as “good” or “bad” food (it’s relative).

I love eating with more mindfulness and ultimately more freedom (and feel better than I ever have) – and it’s why I’m so passionate about sharing it with others!

Join my 28-day Initiative Eating Habit challenge to start exploring these skills yourself – and gain the freedom around food that you deserve.

Jenn Lymburner
Founder, J2N Fitness

What's Included?

Online Portal with Resources to Build Your New Eating Habits

Get access to a challenge platform where you’ll receive clear directions and lessons to support building new eating skills centered around sustainability. 

Exclusive Facebook Group for Challenge Participants

Community support can go a long way in helping you be successful! This group can be used to share ideas, struggles and successes, and encourage each other each step of the way.

Coaching Support & Encouragement

Ask challenge-related questions within the community group to get coaching feedback, and expect to receive additional emails throughout the challenge with bonus tips and lessons!

Gain confidence around eating to support your body in looking and feeling its best – long-term. 

Join the Challenge - Only $47 USD!

*Local taxes apply.

Have Questions?

We kick off October 17th! The goal is to help you head into / through the holiday season with confidence in how to support your goals – without feeling super stressed around your food choices.

Plus, there’s never a ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ time to start making positive changes 😉

Intuitive eating is really about learning to listen to your own body and hunger signals – and support it without specific foods or restrictions (i.e. strict dieting). 

For example, it might include slowing down while you eat, or only eating to satisfied (vs. full). 

Intuitive eating for some may be solely how they approach nutrition. This can be especially helpful for individuals with a history of disordered eating, or those who really want to simplify their approach to nutrition. 

While for others, these skills may be used to support your existing nutrition program. I do believe you can do some tracking AND use these skills to support your long-term progress. Even those following a more strict structure can find value in learning to better listen to their body!

That’s OK! You can still purchase the challenge content and follow along. You’ll receive some emails with extra tips along the way – and the course content itself has everything you need to still be successful 🙂

This challenge is only $47 USD (Yep, that’s under $12.00 a week!)

*Local CAD taxes will apply.

This is a primarily self-guided and community-focused challenge, meaning you’ll have all of the content you need to be successful via the challenge portal, emails, as well as the community Facebook group.

In saying that, there WILL be some coaching support in the form of Facebook group feedback. For example, a Coach will respond to questions you have within the challenge group, or a coach may post additional resources and tips within the group! Note: Questions should be related to the scope of this challenge (for example, this group is not where you’d get support about your handstand practice). 

Please note: This is not a customized program, meaning adjustments will not be made to the habits and course content. Private / 1:1 coaching support is not provided via private messaging, emails or coaching calls. If you feel you’re in need of additional support, please don’t hesitate to book a free consult call and we can chat about other program options that might be a better fit. 

My goal is that within 28 days you’ve started building some sustainable new habits – and that you can keep the momentum rolling with the tools you’ve used 🙂 

This challenge is meant to be a kick off point for your health journey. You’ll have access to the challenge content for as long as it exists, so you can certainly keep working on it on your own past the challenge!

Of course, if you’re interested in further coaching support, we can always discuss other J2N program options at that time. Details will be provided.

Join J2N’s 28-Day Habit Challenge starting Oct 17.

Start your journey to eating with more freedom, less stress.

Join the Challenge Now!