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Modo Yoga Pickering – February 11
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Have some fun as you learn how to develop a handstand safely and efficiently, building from the ground up!

Develop the foundations of a handstand – from strength and flexibility to technique and motor control – and walk away with a better understanding of where you should spend more time and attention in order to develop your inversions.

Expect to explore:
  • Shaping drills like hollow hold and arch holds (and why they’re important)
  • Flexibility drills related to wrists, shoulders, thoracic spine and hips
  • How to safely fall / exit (i.e rolls and cartwheels)
  • Headstands
  • Getting comfortable inverting on the wall / feet elevated
  • And more…

ALL levels of athletes can benefit from reviewing these foundations.
While this course is designed for beginners, if you haven’t gone back to the basics in a while, this session can be a great refresher.
  • Date: Saturday February 11
  • Time: 12:30pm-2:30pm
  • Location: Modo Yoga Pickering
  • Cost: $65+HST (CAD)
  • Spots are limited
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(Click on “Workshops” tab in MindBody)

Have questions?

Yes! This workshop is specifically designed to lay the groundwork of a handstand so that you can build confidence upside down. There will be PLENTY of scaling options provided as well, and you are never required to do something you’re not comfortable doing.

Also, the reason we work on elements like “how to safely fall” is because knowing how to exit a handstand safely is a really important foundation for breaking past those fears!

I believe everyone can benefit from reviewing the foundations of handstands from time to time, so even if you’re a bit more experienced, it can still be worth doing a session like this.

If you are comfortable and meet the prerequisites listed below, feel free to join the Handstand Free-Balance workshop (2:45-4:45pm).

  • 30s+ Wall-facing handstand (close to wall)
  • 30s+ Headstand
  • 30s+ Hollow hold (open body)

J2N must have a minimum participant count in order to run these sessions. 

Should the minimum not be met, all existing registrants will be notified and a full refund will be provided.

Refunds cannot be provided within 7 days of the workshop date OR as per host gym policy if registration is collected outside of J2N Fitness (in this case, Modo Yoga Pickering’s policy).

You are encouraged to see if someone you know may want to jump in to take your spot if you’re unable to attend! Please email [email protected] if an update to participant information needs to be made.

You are encourage to practice consistently if the handstand is a goal of yours. Consistent practice is key!

All participants will receive details on J2N’s online handstand programs. Private lessons are also available in Pickering, ON for those who would like in person support.

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