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Modo Yoga Pickering – February 11
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Ready to get off the wall and start balancing?

This 2-hour intermediate* workshop is designed to teach the strength, flexibility and skill required to get off the wall and out into free-space safely and effectively.

If you’ve mastered the foundations of handstands but need some guidance in levelling up your handstand, this workshop is for you!

Expect to see a focus on:

  • Core and overhead strength
  • Wrist, shoulder and hip mobility
  • Handstand entries and exit strategies
  • Assisted balance drills
  • Free-balance drills

*Prequisites to attend this session include:

  • 30s+ Hollow hold (open body position)
  • 30s+ Headstand
  • 30s+ Wall-facing handstand hold (close to wall)

Note: If prerequisites aren’t quite there yet, the Handstand Foundations Workshop (12:30pm) is a great place to start! 

  • Date: Saturday February 11
  • Time: 2:45pm-4:45pm
  • Location: Modo Yoga Pickering
  • Cost: $65+HST (CAD)
  • Spots are limited
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(Click on “Workshops” tab in MindBody)

Have questions?

Of course. We can all use time drilling in on the strength, flexibility and technique requirements of skills (consistency is the name of the game for improvement!). So if you’re not SUPER confident in your free-balance yet, this is going to provide a great opportunity to dial in a bit further – and hopefully help you walk away with more confidence and awareness on how to start holding longer. 

Fear is normal when it comes to handstands! Part of my job is to help give you tools that help you gain confidence upside down (for example, working on exit strategies).

If you have met the prerequisites of:

  • 30s Wall-facing hold (close to wall; i.e. within 1.5 hand distances from wall)
  • 30s+ Headstand 
  • 30s+ Hollow hold

…Then definitely come! We will spend some time working on exit drills to help you gain confidence off the wall.

However, if you’re pretty fearful of even your headstands or getting inverted on the wall, the Handstand Foundations workshop is highly recommended to start. 

J2N must have a minimum participant count in order to run these sessions. 

Should the minimum not be met, all existing registrants will be notified and a full refund will be provided.

Refunds cannot be provided within 7 days of the workshop date, or as per host gym policy if registration is collected outside of J2N Fitness.

You are encouraged to see if someone you know may want to jump in to take your spot if you’re unable to attend! Please email [email protected] if an update to participant information needs to be made.

You are encourage to practice consistently if the handstand is a goal of yours. Consistent practice is key!

All participants will receive details and a special discount for J2N’s online handstand programs. Private lessons are also available in Pickering, ON for those who would like in person support.

Ready to start free-balancing?

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