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Frustrated that you can’t seem to stay consistent with your health or fitness goals?

Tired of the on-the-wagon, off-the-wagon approach to nutrition?

Join me for a FREE live webinar “How to Build Skills + Habits that Lead to Sustainable Success” and discover strategies for creating change that actually lasts.

Do you keep setting the same goal year in and year out, and feel like you just keep ending up back at square one?

Do you have motivation and drive to take control of your health, but just don’t know where to start (or don’t know how to stay consistent)?

Do you have a skill you’re eager to get, but feel like you never make the progress you want (or worse, end up injured)?

If yes, “Goal Setting: How to Build Skills + Habits that Lead to SUSTAINABLE Success” is for you!

In this FREE live training, I’ll teach you strategies to gain clarity around your health and fitness goals, as well as how the process (creating skills and habits) is an important part of not only reaching those goals, but making sure they actually STICK… because I KNOW you’re probably sick of diet after diet, injury after injury, or training plateau after plateau!

Date/time: Tuesday, June 20 at 7:00pm EST

Where: Webinar provided via Zoom (join from anywhere!)

Bonus: Goal setting booklet/PDF to be provided

Can’t make it live? The recording will be provided to everyone who signs up.

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I’m Jenn Lymburner, Founder of J2N Fitness and Co-Owner of Strongnastics.

As a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast, I understand the frustration that comes with “on the wagon / off the wagon” approaches to health and fitness. I used to feel like no matter how much I tried, I would always end up disappointed in myself or frustrated because I couldn’t stay consistent, or progress wouldn’t stick. Or, I’d end up injured over and over again on my fitness pursuits. 

I’ve since learned strategies and have come to understand how valuable it is to focus on the process (the little things we do daily/weekly) and the concept of “progress over perfection” – and it has changed my health for the better. I’ve never felt more confident in my body!

I can’t wait to share these simple strategies on my free webinar that have not only supported my own health and fitness journey, but so many of my clients as well. Make sure to scroll up to secure your spot. See you there 🙂

Jenn Lymburner
[email protected]