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(Maneki Fit – Toronto)
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Let’s get moving with locomotion! Train strength, flexibility and motor control while having fun and exploring new ways to move your body.

Bear, Monkey, Frogger and the Crab are the foundational movements taught in the GMB Fitness method and within J2N’s programs. Each movement and their progressions lay the foundation for physical autonomy (“freedom of movement”) that can be easily transferred to any other skill you might want to work on, or better yet, to improve your daily life.

Walk away with an entire tool belt (20+ movement variations/combos) of locomotion variations that you can integrate into warm ups, cool downs, or even as stand alone training sessions!

  • Date: Saturday October 1
  • Time: 10:30am-1:30pm
  • Location: Maneki Fit (465 McNicoll Ave Toronto)
  • Cost: $85+HST
  • Bonus: 1 Month FREE on-demand class access
  • Spots are limited!
  • Registration closes September 25
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Have questions?

Glad you asked! The goal of the GMB method ( and exercises like locomotion is to ENHANCE your existing training. For example:

  • Monkey and Frogger can be used to improve your squat or overhead squat.
  • Bent-Arm-Bear helps build on handstand push-up or any vertical pressing.
  • Bear, Monkey, or Frogger directly relates to flexibility improvements and therefore can help increase ROM in various movements
  • If you play with speed and tempo of these movements, they can be TOUGH and a great push.

There is no right or wrong way to do these! Everyone starts somewhere, and things like current mobility and fitness levels, previous athletic experience, injuries, etc, all impact how individuals move. When you look around the workshop, you will quickly realize no one person moves the same.

I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and enjoy the process instead of worrying about how you look doing it. Ultimately, everyone is there to have some FUN and better their health and fitness.

This workshop is open to all levels of fitness. During our three hours together, we will move through various “sections”, such as white board discussion, stretch and washroom breaks, and of course, locomotion exploration. What that means is that we won’t be doing locomotion for the entire three hours as I know that would be a lot!

In saying that, participants will be spending time in positions like the bottom of a squat and will be on wrists quite a bit. If you are someone who is new or coming in with injuries, you are encouraged to take rests whenever needed and even watch/take notes if it is too much. You may also reach out to me at directly if you are still unsure.

Refunds cannot be provided within 14 days of the workshop date.

You are encouraged to see if someone you know may want to jump in to take your spot! Please email if an update to participant information needs to be made.

Yes! You are encouraged to take what you learn and integrate it into your weekly movement routine. As a bonus for joining, you’ll receive 1-month free access to J2N’s on-demand platform with a large library of locomotion and Animal Flow movements you can use to continue developing your skills.

Should you want to explore further, you can email to discuss other program options.

J2N’s on-demand classes provide you with unlimited access to:

  • Stretch Sessions
  • Locomotion Tutorials
  • Animal Flow Sessions
  • Quick Core Workouts
  • Strength & Control Workouts

You can check out the details at:

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