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Tired of movement restrictions holding you back in the gym or in day-to-day activities?

Improve your flexibility, mobility and body control in J2N’s 4-Week Beginner Animal Flow (Pickering)
Starting September 28

Move, stretch, strengthen, flow… and have fun!

We all know that regular old stretching and mobility work can get boring, which makes it hard to do consistently 😉 That’s where Animal Flow comes in.

Animal Flow® is a unique, quadrupedal bodyweight training methodology designed to improve strength, flexibility, mobility, and coordination for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. One of the best parts it’s that it’s far from boring – and all you need is your body and some floor space! 

Instructor Jenn‘s 4-week program is designed for individuals new to Animal Flow. Each class will introduce and build on key elements of Animal Flow, and participants will have the opportunity to learn simple choreographed flows as a group throughout.

BONUS! Participants receive one-month free access to J2N’s on-demand platform with additional Animal Flow and bodyweight tutorials and sessions upon program completion.

At the end of 4-weeks expect to feel your body moving with improved stability, mobility and control… and have a new set of movements to add to your training toolbox!

  • Dates: 4x Thursdays beginning Sept 28
  • Time: 6:30-7:25pm
  • Location: CrossFit Pickering
  • Program cost: $120 + HST
  • Bonus one month free on-demand access
  • Small group setting
  • Registration closes September 21
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While Animal Flow may be used as a stand-alone training method for some,  others use it to support their other activities (thinking of it like a fun accessory program). The benefits of adding Animal Flow into your weekly routine include increasing mobility and flexibility, improving coordination and body control, and developing more bodyweight strength.

At the end of the day, improving on those areas will only benefit your other training or day-to-day activities. Want to improve your overhead squat, for example? Developing more core strength and shoulder stability, paired with improved range of motion in your hips, ankles and wrists is going to help. Eager to gain confidence in your handstand? The upper body strength and mobility, as well as improved body awareness easily transfer into our inversion skills.

(And hey, if you’re someone who doesn’t typically like to stretch even if you know you should, this may be just what you need to move through ranges you typically avoid.)

Everyone starts somewhere, and things like current mobility and fitness levels, previous athletic experience, injuries, etc, all impact how individuals move. When you look around the class, you will quickly realize no one person moves the same 🙂 Plus, everyone in this specific class will be new to Animal Flow as well.

I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and enjoy the process instead of worrying about how you look doing it. Ultimately, everyone is there to have some FUN and better their health and fitness.

This class is open to all levels of fitness. Because this session is designed for individuals NEW to Animal Flow, we will be working from the “ground up” when it comes to skills and will make sure we’re working at a pace that suits the small group’s needs.

Please keep in mind that Animal Flow does require a decent amount of volume on wrists and shoulders. If you are not comfortable supporting your bodyweight in something like a plank, please shoot me an email at [email protected] and we’ll discuss if it’s a fit or if another one-on-one option may be better suited for you 🙂

Each class builds on the next, so showing up for each of the 4 sessions will definitely be important / encouraged.

However, I also know that life happens! If you miss a class, just shoot me a message and I’ll send you some tutorial videos so that you can practice on your own before the next session.

Payment Policies:

This 4-week program requires full payment prior to the start of the session. HST (13%) applies to all listed prices.

  • A full refund may be provided up to 10 days from program start date. Within 10 business days, participants are encouraged to find someone (a gym buddy!) you might want to take over your spot. 

Other Policies:

  • Sessions will start right at the designated start time, meaning participants are encouraged to arrive at the gym 5-10 minutes prior to use washrooms, change, etc.
  • Late policy: It happens (all good)! However, the wrist mobilization and stretching at the beginning of each session is really important for keeping participants moving well and safely through the sessions. If participants are late and miss the stretching, they may be asked to do some extra stretching prior to jumping in with the rest of the class.
  • Respect & Inclusion: This is an inclusive training environment. J2N will not tolerate any discrimination, disrespect or negativity towards any other participants or your Coach. J2N has the right to remove a participant from the program if deemed to not be meeting this policy.
  • Host Gym: Participants must adhere to CrossFit Pickerings rules and policies while on their premises.

Should J2N and CrossFit Pickering’s policies not be met, the participant may be asked to leave or discontinue the program.

I’m sorry! Drop-ins are not available for this program. 

Seeing participants weekly is an important part of this program as it allows for consistency, as well as for a proper building and progressive learning experience. Please keep your eye out for a future session that might work for you, or get in touch about some private or semi-private training options.

If the session cap is not full and you are coming with Animal Flow experience, please email [email protected] to discuss further.

After the program, J2N Fitness has a few program options should you like to continue your Animal Flow practice, including:

  • Continue working on the on-demand tutorials and classes (you get one month free access after the program is over)
  • Online private and semi-private group options
  • In-person private and semi-private group options

If the session is full, you may email [email protected] to join the waitlist. When another beginner program is announced, you will be the first to know!

J2N also offers online and in-person Animal Flow options (private and semi-private lessons), so we can discuss if other options may work for you if you’re eager to start your Animal Flow journey right away. 


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